Vincenzo Gioberti

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Gioberti, Vincenzo


Born Apr. 5, 1801, in Turin; died Oct. 26, 1852, in Paris. Italian politician and philosopher.

In his book On the Moral and Civil Primacy of the Italian Race (1843), Gioberti proposed the unification of Italian states within a confederation headed by the pope. This illusory and basically conservative idea (neo-Guelphism) was enthusiastically received by the moderate liberals among the Italian bourgeoisie. Giobertïs book exerted a great influence on public opinion in Italy and served as the banner of the liberal Catholic wing of the national movement that supported the unification of Italy from above. From December 1848 to February 1849, Gioberti headed the government of Piedmont.


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Novalis, Gorres, List, Gioberti et Mazzini se firent souvent les vecteurs d'une mission proprement allemande ou italienne et meme pour Hugo, il etait evident que Paris devait devenir la capitale des Etats-Unis d'Europe.
7) Three years earlier, Vincenzo Gioberti, a follower of Mazzini, who was in exile, had already caused a sensation with a two-volume work that called for Italy to achieve independence through consideration of existing rulers under the guidance of the Pope.
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Vincenzo Gioberti [Florence: Felice Le Monnier, 1854]) is as follows:
On 23 November 1861, Spaventa introduced a series of lectures on Italian Humanism and philosophers (Bruno, Campanella, Vico, Galluppi, Rosmini, Gioberti, etc.
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reaches Brownson's Catholic years, he excels in showing how Brownson's fascination with Vincenzo Gioberti and the ontologists fits with his larger concern for apologetics and communion.
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