Giovanni Giacomo Casanova

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Casanova, Giovanni Giacomo


Born Apr. 2, 1725, in Venice; died June 4, 1798, in Dux Castle, in Bohemia. Italian writer and memoirist.

Casanova led a stormy life, traveling all over Europe and often being imprisoned. He is the author of several historical works and a fantasy novel, Icosameron (1788). The History of My Flight (1788) was part of his posthumously published Memoirs (1st ed., in German, translated from the original French; parts 1–12, 1822–28). Casanova’s memoirs are extraordinarily candid about his intimate life and present penetrating observations on the social mores of his time and a sober evaluation of historical events.


In Russian translation:
Memuary. St. Petersburg, 1887.


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Giovanni Giacomo Casanova, born in Venice in 1725, was thought to have seduced hundreds of women.
Fitting's extracts are well-chosen and commendably concise: for example, though he gives us only four and a half out of the 1,700 pages of the libertine Giovanni Giacomo Casanova's "immense and verbose" (86) utopian novel The Icosameron (1788), we are left with little doubt that these are an entirely adequate substitute for the whole text.