Giovanni Leone

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Leone, Giovanni


Born Nov. 3, 1908, in Naples. Italian politician and statesman. Professor of the law of criminal procedure. Prominent member of the Christian Democratic Party.

Leone was elected to the Constituent Assembly in 1946 and participated in drafting the constitution of the republic of Italy in 1947. Elected a member of the republic’s parliament at each election, he was chairman of the Chamber of Deputies from 1955 to 1963 and was appointed senator for life in 1967. Leone was head of caretaker governments in 1963 and 1968 and was elected president of the republic of Italy in 1971.

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Giovanni Leone, a specialist in planetary volcanism in the research group of ETH professor Paul Tackley, has examined intensively the structure of these canyons and their outlets into the Ares Vallis and the Chryse Planitia, a massive plain on Mars' low northern latitude.
In Rome, President Giovanni Leone resigned after press allegations of corruption and tax evasion.
The Italian head of state, President Giovanni Leone, said in a nationwide address, "Barbarity seems to have wanted to kill not a man but a thought, intelligence and liberty."
Giovanni Leone said at the 21st World Congress of Dermatology.
Baptized Giovanni Leone, he spent the next decade in Italy, where, with the help of a few powerful patrons--most notably Cardinal Egidio da Viterbo--he entered learned circles and participated in several collaborative projects which required his skills in Arabic.
He also happens to be the son of Italy's former head of state, the sixth President of the Republic Giovanni Leone.
But for the majority of winter sun-lovers Dr Giovanni Leone, consultant dermatologist to Piz Buin, advises using a fairly high SPF factor during the first days of exposure, gradually reducing the level as the holiday progresses, with an eventual SPF of 10 for skiers with darker skins.