Pannini, Giovanni Paolo

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Pannini or Panini, Giovanni Paolo

(jōvän`nē pä`ōlō pänēn`nē, pänē`nē), 1691–1765, Italian painter. Pannini abandoned the study of architecture for painting, becoming famed for his broad cityscapes, or vidute. His commemorative paintings of public events work tiny human figures into vast urban settings. In his paintings of ruins (e.g., Roman Ruins, Mus. di Capodimonte, Naples), he combined the landmarks of ancient and Renaissance Rome.
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Telga SE-dor Mendi, the manager of Gallery Diana based in ystanbul's KadykE[micro]y district, came up with this exhibition, titled "In the traces of Giovanni Paolo Panini.
However, there will also be a number of other particularly interesting 18th Century paintings of Venice on offer, including works by Bernardo Bellotto, Giovanni Paolo Panini and Luca Carlevarijs.
Most of the works depicted are by 17th-and 18th-century Italian artists: Marco Ricci, Guido Reni, Jacopo Bassano, Giovanni Paolo Panini, mad others.
The highest hammer price of the sale, GBP 2,100,000, went to a pair of oils by Giovanni Paolo Panini.