Giovanni Battista Riccioli

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Riccioli, Giovanni Battista


Born Apr. 17, 1598, in Ferrara; died June 25, 1671, in Bologna. Italian astronomer.

Riccioli’s work A lmagestum novum (New Almagest) was published in 1651. An encyclopedia of the astronomical knowledge of the time, the A Imagestum included the minutes of the trial of Galileo and the text of Galileo’s recantation. It also included a map of the moon, on which craters were named after astronomers.

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Notes: Named by Italian astronomer Giovanni Riccioli, pioneer lunar scholar who first named features on the Moon for scientists.
The Sea of Tranquility (Mare Tranquillitatis) landing site was named by priest-astronomer Giovanni Riccioli in the 17th century.
Giovanni Riccioli applied this name 350 years ago to the huge, circular expanse of lava dominating the Moon's northwestern quadrant.
En 1643, Giovanni Riccioli detecto que, al igual que nuestro satelite, la cara oculta de Venus puede ser ligeramente visible por la luz que refleja la Tierra.
Giovanni Riccioli in 1651, but what he didn't realize was that his broad "bay" is in fact a large crater missing the southern half of its wall.