Ivan Zajc

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Zajc, Ivan


Born Aug. 3, 1832, in Rijeka; died Dec. 16, 1914, in Zagreb. Croatian composer, conductor, and teacher.

Zajc studied under L. Rossi at the Milan Conservatory. From 1855 to 1862 he was the conductor and concertmaster of the city theater orchestra in Rijeka. From 1862 to 1870 he worked in Vienna. In 1870, Zajc began working in Zagreb, where he was the conductor and director of the music section of the Croatian National Theater. He also directed and taught at the school of the Music Society. Zajc’ work greatly influenced the development of Croatian music. He wrote nearly 1,200 compositions. These include approximately 20 operas and 30 musical comedies. He also composed background music for theatrical performances. His vocal compositions include approximately 60 cantatas, 250 choruses, and 200 songs, some of which have religious themes. An Italian influence is evident in Zajc’ music. His most well-known opera is Nikola Šubić-Zrinjski.


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