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see RomaniRomani
or Romany
, people known historically in English as Gypsies and their language.

1 A traditionally nomadic people with particular folkways and a unique language, found on every continent; they are sometimes also called Roma, from the name of a major
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Dale Farm residents have much support, mainly from unlikely sources who are not expected to support Irish gipsies.
The speaker avows this connection with the Gypsies elsewhere as well: "The gipsies, whom we met below, / They, too, have long roam'd to and fro" (108-9; emphasis added).
The Novas Group is the only Registered Social Landlord (RSL) working with gipsies and travellers across the UK and Ireland, and has welcomed comments made by the planning minister Keith Hill yesterday on unauthorised gipsy sites.
I've never outgrown the love of gipsies that lurks in every boy.
Mr Berry, who lives with his wife Florence and six children on the site, may lose the protection given other gipsies because he no longer follows the nomadic lifestyle.
The Commission for Racial Equality launched an impassioned defence yesterday of the rights of gipsies and travellers as controversy mounted over Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott's plans to instruct councils to provide more sites for them.
SOCIAL enterprise charity Novas today welcomed a report calling for action to combat discrimination against planning applications made by gipsies and travellers.
A TEST case involving a North Wales family and their local council has ruled gipsies are no longer gipsies when they stop travelling.
Mike Berry may not be entitled to the protection granted to other gipsies because he no longer follows the nomadic lifestyle.
Around 100 gipsies wreaked havoc after setting up an illegal camp near Old Station Road in South Bank in January.
An inquiry into the way gipsies and other travellers are treated by town halls and the police has been launched by the Government's race watchdog.