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island, Tunisia: see JerbaJerba,
, or Jarbah
, island, 197 sq mi (510 sq km), SE Tunisia, in the Mediterranean Sea at S entrance to the Gulf of Qabis. Fruit and olives are grown on the island, once identified as the land of the lotus eaters.
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an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Tunisia in the southern part of the Gulf of Gabès; it belongs to Tunisia. Djerba has an area of 500 sq km; the surface is flat, and water sources are wells and cisterns. Population, 70,000 (1966). Date palms and olive trees are cultivated, and there is fishing. The principal city is Houmt-Souk.

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The Committee noted in the statement issued today, Friday, to existence of a rainy cloudsin the Ethiopian plateau, expecting the continuation of increase of water levels The statement added that the overall situation will be as follows: Damazin - Sennar will witness a slight rise Sennar - Khartoum: stable Khartoum - Atbara: stable Khashm Al- Girba - Atbara: witnesses a remarkable increase Atbara - Merwe Dam: will rise Merwe Dam - Debba - Dongola: stable The statement called on the citizens and the authorities concerned to take the necessary precautions and measures to protect the lives and property especially the mandates of Khartoum and Nahr Al-Neil states .
The camp sheikh told Radio Dabanga that when militiamen opened fire on two men one called Girba suffered a broken leg and another, Hak Murkez received a heavy beating.
The voice assessment was conducted through the perceptual-auditory analysis, according to the GIRBAS scale, which was created in 1969, and adapted in 1996.
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