Girder Bridge

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Girder Bridge


a bridge with span structures whose basic bearing components are beams or truss girders, which are subjected to bending.

Girder bridges are differentiated as simple beam span structures, which rest (each on one end) on two piers, and continuous beam span structures, which rest on three or more piers. Girder bridges may have main girders with solid cross sections or main trussed girders. The span structures of girder bridges are made of steel, reinforced concrete, or wood. Bridges built with solid-section beams are usually deck bridges. Bridges with trussed girders are frequently through bridges. In modern bridge building girder bridges are the most widely used.


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In a nice piece of expressive functionalism, the vehicle ramp appears on south and west sides as a heavy duty structure such as a girder bridge.
The second example is a 122-m, three-span, skewed steel plate girder bridge over a river in New England in AASHTO Seismic Performance Category B with a design acceleration of 0.
The two main additions were a great cantilevered hall at first floor level close to the main entrance - the future meeting room - and a long open gallery like a girder bridge which runs across the top of the complex and projects out over the end.
Tenders are invited for Protection To Dahuka Left And Right From Girder Bridge To Diversion Weir For 2018-19.
ER-GR pads, damaged or isck hook bolts, corroded Split-Cotter pins for al channel sleepers fittings and repair to Rerailing ramp on major & important girder bridge No%s 178 and 182 in SSE-P-way-UDGR section and bridge nos.