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He said that of Tambo in Girei as well as the slaughtering of four people in Kamale town in Michika local government area in Adamawa state, with houses being razed by suspected fulani militants during Christmas celebration were enough confirmation that the government was becoming insensitive.
Alhaji Babale Umaru Girei and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.
The Crimean Affairs diplomatic books recounted a 1571 diplomatic exchange in which a Muscovite representative informed Crimean Khan Devlet Girei that Ivan was in Serpukhov with his oprichnina.
Nafisa Wali Yusuf (1), Muhammad Abdul-Azeez Mabrouk (1), Adamu Bakari Girei (2), Aliyu Mohammed (3)
In fact, Babale Girei cares a lot about Egypt, as the gate of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
Gaiko girei yori mita Muromachi jidai no Nitcho kankei.
Yamada Toshiaki, Rokucho Dakyo girei no kenkyu (Tokyo: Toho shoten, 1999), 152- 53 (from a chapter originally published as "Rokucho ni okeru Taiheikyo no densho" Toyo daigaku Chugoku tetsugaku bungakuka kiyo 1 [1993]: 17-41).
Girei esse tempo todo Batendo de porta em porta A procura de um abrigo Um apego, um horizonte Tentando de cabo a rabo Sao Paulo de ponta a ponta Na batalha de sossego Alivio ou mesmo a morte
It shows a brutal Tatar chief, the Khan Girei, emotionally redeemed by tragic love for a young Polish princess, Maria.
19) On these ceremonies, see Inagaki Reiko, "Kinsei Ezochi ni okeru girei shihai no tokushitsu: Uimamu, omusha no hensen o toshite" [Characteristics of Ritual Domination in Early Modern Ezo: As Seen through Changes in the Uimam and Umsa], in Minshushi Kenkyuakai (ed.
but had to halt operations with the onset of winter; after the Russians were defeated at Okhmatov (near Minsk) (early January 1655), Alexis returned to the field and advanced as far as the Neman River; his army suffered from partisan harassment, and he withdrew after Khan Mehmet Girei of the Crimea invaded the Ukraine and defeated the Russians there at Zalozce (Zalozhtsy) (November); Alexis eventually concluded a truce with Poland (November 1656) and made an alliance to attack Sweden, so precipitating the Russo-Swedish War; based at Polotsk, he advanced down the Dvina River toward Riga, capturing Dunaburg (Daugavpils) and Kokenhuzen (Koknese near Plavinas) fortress (July); laid siege to Riga, but his army was rounted when the reinforced garrison under Gen.