Girolamo Nino Bixio

Bixio, Girolamo Nino


Born Oct. 2, 1821, in Genoa; died Dec. 16, 1873, in Atjeh, Indonesia. Italian bourgeois democrat, companion in arms of G. Garibaldi in the struggle for the national liberation and unification of Italy.

At the beginning of the war of liberation against Austria in 1848, Bixio joined the detachment of Piedmont volunteers. In 1849 he participated in the defense of the Roman Republic. He fought under G. Garibaldi’s command in the campaign of 1859; in 1860 he was Garibaldi’s closest aid in the preparation and execution of the revolutionary march on southern Italy. He participated in the battle of Calatafimi, in the capture of Palermo, and in the battle of Volturno. In 1862 he joined the royal army; he participated in the battle of Custozza (June 24, 1866). In 1870 he led a volunteer detachment in the capture of Rome, which completed the unification of Italy. He became a senator in 1870.


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