Giuseppe Piazzi

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Piazzi, Giuseppe


Born July 16, 1746, in Ponte di Valtel-lina; died July 22, 1826, in Naples. Italian astronomer.

Piazzi was appointed a professor at the University of Palermo in 1780 and became the first director of the observatory at Palermo in 1791. In 1801 he discovered the first known asteroid —Ceres. He compiled two star catalogs (1803, 1814).


Clerke, A. Obshchedostupnaia istoriia astronomii v XIX stoletii. Odessa, 1913. (Translated from English.)
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Giuseppe Piazzi of Palermo used the latest instrument by Ramsden of London around 1800.
The first asteroid ever discovered was Ceres, seen on January 1, 1801 by Italian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi.
Giuseppe Piazzi discovered the first asteroid, Ceres, on January 1, 1801.
1, 1801, that Giuseppe Piazzi pointed his state-of-the-art telescope over those mountains at stars in the constellation Taurus.
The mysterious world was discovered in 1801 by astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi, who named the object for the Roman goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships.
1801: Giuseppe Piazzi discovers a celestial body now named Ceres, initially believed to be a planet.
Italian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi first recorded the Ceres in 1801 after the name of the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility.
A new catalogue of 7,646 stars from the Palermo Observatory published by Giuseppe Piazzi, for which he received the prize of the French Academie des Sciences.
For years following its discovery by Italian priest and astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi, Ceres was considered a planet.