Giuseppe Sergi

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Sergi, Giuseppe


Born Mar. 20, 1841, in Messina; died Oct. 12, 1936, in Rome. Italian anthropologist; founder of the Italian school of anthropology.

Sergi was a professor at the universities of Bologna (1880) and Rome (1884–1916). He conducted craniometric and crani-oscopic research and studied raciology, paleoanthropology, and anthropogenesis.


Origine e diffusione della stirpe mediterranea. Rome, 1895.
Africa: Antropologia della stirpe Camitica. Turin, 1897.
Crania Habes-Sirica. Rome, 1912.
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Du- Bois sent a similar letter to dozens of other scholars, white and black, including William James, Hugo Munsterberg, George Santayana, Albert Bushnell Hart, President Charles William Eliot of Harvard, Sir Harry Johnston, Sir Flinders Petrie, Giuseppe Sergi, Franz Boas, J.