Glacier National Park

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Glacier National Park,

521 sq mi (1,349 sq km), SE British Columbia, Canada, in the Selkirk Mts.; est. 1886. It contains extensive glaciated areas including Illecilliwaet Glacier. Snowcapped peaks, with densely forested lower slopes include Mt. Bonney, with the resort village of Glacier at its base. The rugged terrain of the park is crossed by the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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National Parks
Name Type1 Location Year authorized Size
acres (hectares)
Acadia NP SE Maine 1919 49,075 (19,868) Mountain and coast scenery.
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Glacier National Park,

1,013,572 acres (410,497 hectares), NW Mont.; est. 1910. Straddling the Continental Divide, the park contains some of the most beautiful primitive wilderness in the Rocky Mts. There are 25 glaciers (down from some 150 when the park was established), more than 200 glacier-fed lakes (Lake McDonald and St. Mary Lake are the largest), high peaks, sheer precipices, large forests, waterfalls, much wildlife, and a great variety of wildflowers. Many Glacier Hotel (1915) is a national historic landmark. Along with the adjacent Waterton Lakes National ParkWaterton Lakes National Park,
203 sq mi (525 sq km), SW Alta., Canada, SW of Lethbridge and at the U.S. border, adjoining Glacier National Park, Mont.; est. 1895. It is the Canadian section of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, created (1932) by acts of the Canadian
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 (Canada), it forms Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park (est. 1932). See National Parks and MonumentsNational Parks and Monuments

National Parks
Name Type1 Location Year authorized Size
acres (hectares)
Acadia NP SE Maine 1919 49,075 (19,868) Mountain and coast scenery.
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Glacier National Park

Address:PO Box 128
West Glacier, MT 59936

Size: 1,013,572 acres.
Established: Established on May 11, 1910. Designated a Biosphere Reserve in 1976. Authorized as part of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park on May 2, 1932. Designated as part of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park World Heritage Site in 1995.
Location:In northwestern Montana on the U.S./Canadian border. Accessible from the east and west along US 2. Park headquarters is located in West Glacier.
Facilities:Campgrounds (é), picnic area, rest rooms (é), cabin rental, lodging (most hotels/lodges are open only from late May through September), groceries, restaurant/snacks, boat rental, boat ramp, visitor center (é), museum/exhibit, trails (700+ miles). Entrance fee required.
Activities:Camping, hiking, bicycling, mountain climbing, horseback riding, swimming, boating, fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, naturalist programs.
Special Features:With precipitous peaks ranging above 10,000 feet, this ruggedly beautiful land includes 27 glaciers, many lakes and streams, a wide variety of wildflowers, and wildlife. The 52-mile Going to the Sun Road (opened in 1932) connects 10-mile-long Lake McDonald in the west, across the 6,646-foot high Logan Pass over the Continental Divide, to Saint Mary Lake on the eastern border.

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Glacier National Park

Address:PO Box 350
Revelstoke, BC V0E2S0

Size: 1,349 sq. km.
Established: 1886.
Location:On the Trans-Canada Hwy in south-central British Columbia. The nearest communities are Golden, 80 km to the east, and Revelstoke, 72 km to the west. Both Vancouver and Calgary have regular bus service to Rogers Pass, located in the heart of the park.
Facilities:Visitor center, 50-room hotel (at Rogers Pass; open year-round), 2 frontcountry campgrounds (80 sites), 3 backcountry campsites, 3 backcountry cabins, 18 hiking trails (200 km), boardwalk. Heather Mountain Lodge, located 23 km east of Rogers Pass summit on the park boundary, includes 20 rooms and a restaurant.
Activities:Camping, hiking, fishing (permit required), bicycling, mountain climbing, skiing, wildlife viewing, caving, scenic touring, interpretive and educational programs.
Special Features:Featuring more than 400 glaciers, park protects an area of the Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges, including critical habitats for threatened and endangered wildlife species such as the grizzly bear and the mountain caribou. More than half of the park lies in the alpine tundra zone - above the limit of tree growth - with the rest of the park encompassing subalpine forests and meadows. Glacier's steep terrain and heavy snowfall have given the park a reputation as one of North America's premier road-accessible ski touring destinations from December to April. Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park has been designated a National Historic Site in commemoration of its role as an essential, yet perilous, link in the building of the transcontinental railway.

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Glacier National Park


national parks in Canada (British Columbia) and the USA (Montana).

(1) Glacier National Park in Canada was established in 1886 and has an area of 1,349.4 sq km. It is located in the Selkirk Mountains. Dense evergreen forests and high-mountain tundra predominate. Black bears, grizzly bears, mule deer, caribou, moose, mountain goats, and many kinds of birds are found in the park.

(2) Glacier National Park in the USA was established in 1910 and has an area of 4,099.4 sq km. It is located in the Rocky Mountains. Evergreen forests predominate. Mountain goats, bighorn sheep, moose, American elk (wapiti), raccoons, wolverines, and grizzly bears are found in the park.

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