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ABU DHABI, 22nd August, 2019 (WAM) -- A team of researchers from NYU Abu Dhabi's Centre for Global Sea Level Change, supported by the Office of Polar Programmes of the USA National Science Foundation, have found that unusually warm ocean water is causing rapid melt at the Greenland outlet glacier Helheim, one of the largest in the region.
Footage for the funeral held in Iceland for the first glacier lost to climate change has been making rounds on the internet.
"Tidewater glaciers are always calving and moving very rapidly, and you don't want to take a boat up there too closely."
Icelanders call their nation the "Land of Fire and Ice" for its other-worldly landscape of volcanoes and glaciers, immortalized in literature.
Summary: Glacier calving is one of the more dramatic aspects of climate change.
Rapid melting and expansion of glaciers is a serious threat in Karakoram and Himalayan region.
Glaciers are among the best climate indicators in nature because their volume depends on air temperature, precipitation, and energy exchange at the Earth's surface.
According to the study published in the Journal of Earth's Future, scientists have combined data to analyse the current state of World Heritage glaciers.
Thompson has been studying and documenting the effects of climate change on glaciers in Peru for more than 40 years.
The most comprehensive measurement of glaciers worldwide found that thousands of inland masses of snow compressed into ice are shrinking 18 percent faster than an international panel of scientists calculated in 2013.
"The receding of the glaciers coincides with the increased temperatures that we've noticed in the region," said Inti Gonzalez, a glaciologist at the Cequa Foundation that studies geology in Patagonia and the Antarctic.
The Article 62 titled "Protection of Glaciers" envisaging protection of glaciers from activities that affect their melting excludes the Davidov and Lysyi glaciers.