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a gently sloping embankment in front of the outside ditch of a fortress, long-term structure, or field fortification. The glacis was built for the purpose of improving the field of fire over terrain lying in front of it and for camouflaging and defending the fortification.

In Russian fortresses the main rampart sometimes had a glacis-like profile, so that frontal fire could be directed at the bottom of the outside ditch. In current long-term fortifications the glacis is not used, and in field fortifications (foxholes and trenches) a breastwork is set up. In architecture the glacis is the unbuilt space in front of a fortress (in front of the earth embankment or in its place if it has been destroyed). During a city’s development around a fortress, the glacis usually was turned into a garden or a square (for example, the Admiralty and Senate [now Decembrists] squares in Leningrad on the site of the 18th-century ditches and glacis of the Admiralty shipyard-fortress).


A sloped embankment in front of a fortification, so raised as to bring an advancing enemy into the most direct line of fire.
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Sus limites coinciden con la delimitacion natural de la cuenca sedimentaria, al presentar un trazado y orientacion general perfectamente adaptados a las dimensiones, las pendientes y al drenaje natural al recibir las aguas torrenciales de los glacis que circundan la vega fluvial.
La etapa sedimentaria final de los abanicos aluviales de la Formacion Alhambra culmina con la formacion de un glacis que se situa a una cota media de 1.
Furthermore, on the riverbanks, sedimentary glacis and alluvial plains of the middle Mures and the lower Aries?
The first was to set up a blind within the trenches, sometimes armored with a glacis plate and extra sandbags, from which they kept their rifle trained on one specific spot on the enemy trench line where people were known to congregate or move through.
Ne pouvant aspirer a nulle hegemonie, ne disposant ni des leviers ideologiques ni de la base sociale pour tenter des changements de regime, le Kremlin peut cependant tenter de constituer un glacis dans l'espace mediterraneen.
Safire wrote that the ambassador 'used a word I never heard before to describe the country that lies between the Soviet Union and the gateway to the Persian Gulf: ' Afghanistan might one day be intended by the Soviets to be a glacis.
Respecto a los materiales cuaternarios cabe distinguir cinco tipos distintos: diferentes generaciones de glacis y terrazas, motivo de numerosos estudios, rellenos de "vales", conos de deyeccion y rellenos de depresiones internas (Memoria Plan General de Ordenacion Urbana de Zaragoza, 2001).
I remembered that exactly on that morning, twenty-four years before, I had marched down the glacis of Elvas, to the tune of St.
The preliminary results indicate ongoing processes along the buried river beds and on slopes, including soil creeping, alluvial fan deposition and glacis construction in the Dambovita floodplain.
Drawing and models showed that a system should include one optronic 360[degrees] sensor mounted on the rood of the turret, four radar antennae on the sides of the turret, two grenade launchers on the sides of the turret, and 10 explosive boxes--four on each side and two on the glacis in front of the turret, though another layout showed eight boxed with two per side, two in the front and two in the back.
De igual forma se encuentra sobre el acuifero denominado Glacis del Quindio, uno de los principales de la zona por su caracter regional y por presentar espesores en algunos casos superiores a 300 m.
You are spoiled for choice in this city famous for its hospitality, but here are a few gems that are most certainly not tourist traps: Glacis Beisl is historic and elegant casual dining, with a lovely old garden and pergola for summer and a cozy tavern-style interior for cooler months (glacisbeisl.