Glagolitic Alphabet

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Glagolitic Alphabet


one of two early Slavic alphabets.

The Glagolitic alphabet coincides almost completely with the second Slavic alphabet (the Cyrillic) in composition and arrangement, as well as in phonetic denotation and names of the letters, but it differs sharply in the forms of the symbols themselves. It is possible to determine only approximately the appearance of the earliest Glagolitic writing, since the oldest surviving documents are products of the end of the tenth century (such as the Kiev Sheets and the Zograf Gospel).

In contrast to the Cyrillic alphabet, from which the Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and other systems of writing arose, the Glagolitic alphabet did not exist for long and was confined to usage primarily among southwestern Slavs, such as those of Croatia and Dalmatia.

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In the final analysis, and somewhat surprisingly, I myself find the well-balanced and precise recording of The Eternal Gospel more interesting than that of the Glagolitic Mass, although the latter is a return to the work's original version.
Glagolitic or "The Spoken Word" (hlahol or glagol in the Old Slavic meant "to speak") was somewhat similar to the modern Cyrillic script of Russia and Bulgaria.
Tonight's opening concert at St David's Hall in Cardiff features Symphony No 4 which Dvorak wrote at the start of his career, and will culminate in Janacek's immense Glagolitic Mass.
The concert ends with Janacek's Glagolitic Mass, the blazing choral work that launched Davis' BBC career.
The centrepiece of the First Night is the blazing choral work Glagolitic Mass by Janacek which launched Chief Conductor Sir Andrew Davis's (right) BBC career.
His account suggests that for Serbs the "Old Church Slavonic" of the Cyrilian liturgy, and similarly for Croats the Glagolitic liturgy, fulfilled a function in the respective shaping of Serbian and Croatian nationalism analogous to that performed by the English Bible and Prayer Book.
The Bulgarian language is trans-galactic, because the Glagolitic alphabet has heavenly origins.
In the last eight years of his life, Janacek completed four major operas, the Sinfonietta--his orchestral masterpiece--, the splendid Glagolitic Mass, and his two string quartets.
In Croatia and even more so in Dalmatia there are Catholic parishes that used the ancient Glagolitic Slavic script rather than the Latin -- Glagolitic being the earliest south Slavic alphabet, constructed prior to the Cyrillic.
On March 5 colourful works by Berlioz precede Janacek's Glagolitic Mass, long a CBSO favourite and written by another of the central European composers so close to Ed's heart.
December 1972 saw the coming to light of two live recordings which invite direct comparison with Mackerras's later studio recordings: Jangek's Glagolitic Mass and Martini's Field Mass.
Glagolska Mse, Verze zafi 1927" = Glagolitic Mass, "September 1927" Version.