Sheldon Lee Glashow

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Glashow, Sheldon Lee

(glăsh`ō), 1932–, American physicist, b. New York City, Ph.D. Harvard, 1959. He became a professor at the Univ. of California at Berkeley in 1961 before moving to Harvard in 1967. He helped develop important theories of electromagnetic and nuclear particle interaction that affected subsequent research on quarks and leptons. In 1979, Glashow shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with Abdus SalamSalam, Abdus,
1926–96, Pakistani physicist. After attending Government College at Lahore, he received a Ph.D. from Cambridge (1952). He taught in Lahore for three years before returning to England, first teaching mathematics at Cambridge (1954–57), then moving to
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 and Steven WeinbergWeinberg, Steven,
1933–, American nuclear physicist, b. New York City, Ph.D. Princeton, 1957. Since 1982 he has been a professor at the Univ. of Texas at Austin, having previously been on the faculties of Columbia, the Univ.
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We're delighted to partner with Lionsgate, which operates one of the industry's leading home entertainment businesses, and eager to leverage their marketing prowess and distribution expertise for titles across our portfolio," said Rebecca Glashow, Senior Vice President of Digital Distribution and Partnerships, Discovery Communications.
The collection gathers together thought-provoking essays, short stories, poems, and a play from over 40 acclaimed authors, including Nobel Laureate Sheldon Glashow, Michio Kaku, Peter Woit, Adam Roberts, Colette Inez, and Brenda Hillman.
The letter is endorsed by the following 25 Nobel laureates in physics: Leon Neil Cooper (1972) , Brian David Josephson (1973) , Anthony Hewish (1974), Burton Richter (1976), Arno Allan Penzias (1978), Sheldon Lee Glashow (1979), James Cronin(1980), Nicholas Bloembergen (1981), Klaus von Klitz ing (1985), Jack Steinberger (1988), Douglas D.
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The British theoretical physicist, 84, told BBC Radio 4's 'The Life Scientific' that he could have been among Shelley Glashow, Abdus Salam and Steven Weinberg, who received a Nobel prize in 1979 for their the Standard Model.
Abdus Salam's work with Professors Weinberg and Glashow earned him Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979.
My bet is the Japanese will be the first to build a neutrino factory that can do the job," says Nobelist and Boston University physicist Sheldon Lee Glashow.
After winning the Nobel prize for physics in 1979 with American scientists Steven Weinberg and Sheldon Lee Glashow, he was banned from lecturing at public universities under pressure from right-wing students and religious conservatives.
Glashow published a paper in Physical Review Letters in October showing that superluminal neutrinos would rapidly radiate energy in the form of electron-positron pairs.
Y continua con fisicos como Penrose, Hawking, Glashow.
As American physicist and Nobel Prize winner Sheldon Glashow once said, "Economic crises occur because financial experts don't understand math.
As part of the company's ongoing mission to provide consumers with access to Discovery's award-winning programming across all platforms, these new distribution partnerships provide us with valuable opportunities to expand our reach in the mobile space and continue to engage fans where they are consuming content," added Rebecca Glashow, senior vice president, Digital Media Distribution, Discovery Communications.