glass harmonica

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glass harmonica:

see harmonicaharmonica.
1 The simplest of the musical instruments employing free reeds, known also as the mouth organ or French harp. It was probably invented in 1829 by Friedrich Buschmann of Berlin, who called his instrument the Mundäoline.
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The composer and musician had the glass armonica - a horizontal assembly of specially made glasses (without stems) that rotate and emit pitch- perfect notes when played with wet fingers - made about 10 years ago at a cost of $15,000.
Accompanied by a variety of instruments (including such unfamiliar instruments as the theorbo, glass armonica, and balaphone), the vocalists generally sing and articulate nicely.
Angus Maclaurin, Glass Music Speaking of crack, this was recorded on the glass armonica, invented by Ben Franldin, who also, sadly, discovered electricity and created the post office.