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, Ger. Glatz, town (1994 est. pop. 30,600), Dolnośląskie prov., SW Poland. It is a commercial center with lumber and textile mills, metalworks, and sugar refineries. Founded in the 10th cent., it was capital of a county created in 1462.
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, Poland.
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Michael Glatz, Head of Business Development of SSP Germany, said; 'dean&david is a young, trendsetting fast-casual concept for nutrition-conscious city dwellers.
Stefan Glatz, Switzerland-based marketing manager of MGI Luxury Group SA, distributor of Lacoste watches, said that the brand chose designs that were classic, contemporary and very understated.
Steve Krupa and Shawn Glatz (GM) will continue to operate MAA and will work closely with the XLerate sales teams to drive additional volume through MAA.
Glatz Data Source: ESRI Data and Maps 2012 Figure 2.
Sophomore Tony Espinoza finished in sixth place, freshman Jacob Melgosa was seventh, sophomore Jeff Glatz eighth and sophomore Jack Casey 12th.
(1981), Glatz (2004), Tauson (1986) and Vanskike and Adams (1983) but contradicted the conclusions proposed by Hill (1975) and Fickenwirth et al.
"The GC does the shell and core and we come in with walls that have power, data networks, and then we bring the finishes on site later," said Angela Glatz, a project executive with GRIT Building Solutions.
In addition, the web has long radial threads that extend outside of the carpet, and cribellate silk threads surrounding it (Glatz 1967), both nearly invisible to the naked eye.
Martin Glatz, Austrian Commercial Counsellor for China and Mongolia, and Mr.
After growth, the culture was centrifuged (50,000 rpm 10 [min.sup.-1]) and the supernatant was removed and added to freezing media with glycerol, previously adjusted to pH 7, and autoclaved at 121[degrees]C for 15 min, according to a methodology adapted from Woskow and Glatz (1991).
In this research, it is proposed to study the mixture of this material with other wastes, such as wastewater from agro-industrial process, a significant source of organic matter, which has the potential to be included as a raw material for co-digestion (Glatz et al., 2011).
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