Glebov, Aleksei

Glebov, Aleksei Konstantinovich


Born Mar. 11 (24), 1908, in the village of Zverovichi, in present-day Smolensk Oblast; died Oct. 2, 1968, in Minsk. Soviet sculptor, People’s Artist of the Byelorussian SSR (1955).

Glebov studied under M. A. Kerzin at the Vitebsk Art Technicum (1926-30). He taught at the Byelorussian Institute of Theater and Art from 1955-1968. He worked on portraits, thematic art, and monumental pieces.

Glebov’s works include the group The Civil War in Byelorussia (clay, 1937-40, not preserved); an equestrian statue of L. M. Dovator (plaster cast, 1945, Museum of Local Lore, Vitebsk); three works now in the Art Museum of the Byelorussian SSR in Minsk—a bust of V. I. Vladomirskii (bronze, 1949), a statue of Georgii Skorina (wood, 1954), and the group Meeting V. I. Lenin at the Finland Station in April 1917 (plaster cast, 1957-58); and the relief Partisans of Byelorussia (bronze, 1954) for the monument in Minsk to the Soviet Army and the partisans. Glebov was awarded the Order of Lenin, two other orders, and medals.


Nikiforov, P. A. K. Glebov. Moscow, 1960.