Glebov, Gleb

Glebov, Gleb Pavlovich


(real surname, Sorokin). Born Apr. 29 (May 11), 1899, in Voznesensk, in present-day Nikolaev Oblast; died Mar. 3, 1967, in Minsk. Soviet Byelorussian actor; People’s Artist of the USSR (1948).

Glebov began his stage career in the Ukraine in 1921. Beginning in 1926, he acted with the first Byelorussian State Drama Theater (now the la. Kupala Byelorussian State Drama Theater, in Minsk). His best roles included Harpagon in Molière’s The Miser, Tuliaga in Krapiva’s He Who Laughs Last (State Prize of the USSR, 1941), Kharkevich in Samuilenok’s Death of the Wolf, Pustarevich in Kupala’s Pavlinka, Kroplia in Movzon’s Konstantin Zaslonov (State Prize of the USSR, 1948), Romaniuk in Korneichuk’s The Guelder Rose Grove, and Goroshka in Makaenok’s Please Excuse Me. Glebov’s art was characterized by psychological depth, a natural style, and subtle humor. He played in motion pictures as well as on stage. A deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR at its sixth convocation, he was awarded the Order of Lenin, two other orders, and a medal.


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