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, Ger. Gleiwitz, city (1993 est. pop. 216,000), Śląskie prov., SW Poland. A coal-mining and steel-making center of the Katowice region, it also produces automobiles, machinery, and chemicals.
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, Poland.
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(106) Still, in terms of balance sheets, the Iwria's Berlin branch was only fractionally smaller than the independent, established sister institutions in Breslau, Chemnitz, Gleiwitz, Leipzig, and Stettin altogether.
"Gleiwitz, Lubowitz, Auschwitz: Die Dimension der Schoah in den Gleiwitz-Romanen Horst Bieneks." Zeitschrift fur Deutsche Philologie 114 (1995): 85-112.
Wiesel's cultural and experiential acquisitions infused in his testimonial text include interest in the Talmud, a certain complicated, existentialist Judaism, which mixes Camusian rebellion with mystical faith, and two years of his teenage childhood spent in four Nazi concentration camps (Auschwitz, Buna, Buchenwald, and Gleiwitz).
The vehicle is currently produced in Bochum, Germany; Gleiwitz, Poland and Ellesmere Port in the United Kingdom.
The Royal Prussian foundries at Gleiwitz, Berlin and Sayn were quick to follow making an astonishing range of highly ornamental castings.
On January 11, 1945, Furstengrube was liquidated and those inmates who could still walk - Jacobs and his brother among them - were sent on a two-day death march through the snows to a railway line at Gleiwitz. Those unable to keep pace were shot, but when the dentist began to weaken on the second day, Max Schmidt, the new commandant himself, ensured Jacobs' survival with a shot of vodka.
The central story is of Lola Potok, who lost ten siblings and a year-and-a-half-old daughter in Auschwitz and then sought her revenge as director of a camp for suspected German collaborators in Gleiwitz. The book, written novelistically, recounts Lola's experiences in Auschwitz and makes her rage--and her cruel administration of the camp--understandable.
His book presents lengthy accounts of three: "Lola," commander of the internment camp in Gleiwitz, where Germans were brutalized; "Pinek," head of security for Silesia in 1945; and Shlomo (Solomon) Morel, camp commandant in Schwientochlowitz, where he is said to have tortured and murdered hundreds of innocent German civilians.
On 12 May a petition was submitted to the Council of the League by Franz Bernheim, a thirty-two year old German national of Jewish descent who had been a resident of Gleiwitz in German Upper Silesia and was now temporarily staying in Prague.(20) Bernheim stated that he had been employed by a German firm in Gleiwitz which had discharged him at the end of April because all Jewish employees had to be dismissed.
Dean Richard Gleiwitz I got flashed once when I was riding my bicycle.
As in Primo Levi's Survival in Auschwitz, recurring memorable characters, employed in relationship to the evolving plot give the text unity: Juliek, the violinist who plays Beethoven - in violation of the German prohibition of Beethoven - when they arrive in Gleiwitz; and who is dead in the morning.