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, Ger. Gleiwitz, city (1993 est. pop. 216,000), Śląskie prov., SW Poland. A coal-mining and steel-making center of the Katowice region, it also produces automobiles, machinery, and chemicals.
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, Poland.
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Dean Richard Gleiwitz I got flashed once when I was riding my bicycle.
1, 1939, on the pretext that Poland had attacked the radio station in the German town of Gleiwitz on the night of Aug.
He had cynically dressed German prisoners up in Polish army uniform and sent them to a radio station at Gleiwitz on the Polish-German border.
Dean Gleiwitz LEISURE: Small Heath family's front garden Blues shrine - complete with astro turf hanging baskets "Even tho I'm a Villa fan that garden looks tidy haha
BEGGARS 'EARNING' PS400 A DAY Dean Gleiwitz The only problem I have with these people is when I see they have a dog with them.
Dean Gleiwitz said it was one of the worst nights in the club's history.
Deano Richard Gleiwitz On trouble at Winson Green jail No excuse for this but G4S are a bunch of clowns and shouldn't be allowed to run a prison.
Deano Richard Gleiwitz I agree with Dean but every photo in paper is changed, so double standards to be fair.
Deano Richard Gleiwitz Sometimes it takes more courage to carry on doing the unseen ordinary stuff, because of thinking about others.
Roy Dalley Deano Richard Gleiwitz My mum and dad are OAPs and their house has been burgled shed raided by drugged-up idiots.
Deano Richard Gleiwitz If I spot anyone: Beware I will be grassing on you.