Glenda Jackson

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Jackson, Glenda,

1936–, English actress and politician. Jackson's first starring role was as Charlotte Corday in Marat/Sade (1966) for the Royal Shakespeare CompanyRoyal Shakespeare Company
(RSC), a British repertory theater. The company, established in 1960, was based on the earlier Shakespeare Memorial Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon. It is a national theater supported by government funds.
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. A strong personality, she has excelled in both comedies and dramas. She won Academy Awards for roles in Women in Love (1969) and A Touch of Class (1973). Her other films include Sunday Bloody Sunday (1972), The Maids (1974), House Calls (1978), Turtle Diary (1986), and The Rainbow (1990). In 1971 she played Elizabeth I in a critically acclaimed television series, and she has appeared on stage in such plays as Strange Interlude (1984). In 1992 she retired from acting and was elected as a Labour member of Parliament from Hampstead; she was reelected in 1997. In 1999 she mounted an abortive candidacy for mayor of London. She returned to the stage in an Old Vic performance of King Lear in 2016 and a Broadway revival of AlbeeAlbee, Edward
, 1928–2016, American playwright, one of the leading dramatists of his generation, b. Washington, D.C., as Edward Harvey. His most characteristic work constitutes an absurdist commentary on American life, often conveying psychologically probing observations
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's Three Tall Women in 2018.
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But I think it is far more likely that there will be more candidates than myself, such as Glenda Jackson or John Austin.
Helen Mirren (above) as Queen Elizabeth I in Channel 4's new drama Elizabeth I and (left, top to bottom) other famous actresses to step into the shoes of Elizabeth I: Bette Davis, Dame Judi Dench, Miranda Richardson and Glenda Jackson.
BIRTHDAYS: Richard Adams, author, 96; Alan Bennett, playwright and author, 82; Albert Finney, actor, 80; Glenda Jackson, actress turned politician, 80; James L Brooks, writer, producer and director, 76; Candice Bergen, actress, 70; Billy Joel, singer, 67; John Corbett, actor, 55; Dave Gahan, singer (Depeche Mode), 54; Neil Ruddock, former footballer, 48.
The exhibition is a collaboration between BAFTA Archive & Heritage and renowned celebrity photographer Dr Andy Gotts who crossed the globe over two years to photograph subjects including British celebrities such as Wirral's Daniel Craig and Glenda Jackson, as well as Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Sidney Poitier, Jeff Bridges - whose grandfather came from Liverpool, and the late Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams.
She appeared with Glenda Jackson and George Segal in film comedy A Touch Of Class (1973), while her TV credits included Spy Trap and Steptoe And Son.
But despite the backing of three colleagues, including Oscar-winning former actress Glenda Jackson, three Tory MPs have hit back and praised the Baroness' achievements.
ACTRESS turned Labour MP Glenda Jackson is set to stand down at the next election.
Glenda Jackson said she would be prepared to act as a "stalking horse" to trigger a leadership contest if Blair tries to cling to power for more than another year.
They included former International Development Secretary Clare Short and former ministers Glenda Jackson and Kate Hoey.
OSCAR winner Glenda Jackson says she is glad the theatre named in her honour is being ripped down.
I presume the anti-war Glenda Jackson will be next, or my own excellent MP, Lynne Jones.
GLENDA Jackson is the target of a whispering campaign in her own party to oust her as a Labour MP, friends claim.

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