Glenn Gould

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Gould, Glenn,

1932–82, Canadian pianist and composer. A prodigy, he began study at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto at 12. He was piano soloist with the Toronto Symphony at 14, and by the time he was 19 he was making concert tours in Canada, soon becoming known for idiosyncratic performance behavior. A great pianist, Gould was particularly noted for his interpretations of Bach and the romantics. As a composer, Gould was influenced by the postromantic music of the late 19th cent. His first published composition, a string quartet, had its premiere on television in 1956. During the 1960s Gould reduced his concert appearances to a minimum, preferring thereafter to concentrate on recording.


See biographies by O. Friedrich (1989) and P. F. Ostwald (1997); study by G. Leroux (2010).

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The Italian was 23 when she recorded it, as was Glenn Gould for his 1955 recording, and she shares the Canadian's lightness of touch, translucent textures, youthful energy and sparkle - but Rana additionally supplies all the repeats.
and the soul has gone Novembering with Jaco and Glenn Gould,
As a baritone, recent appearances include: The Glenn Gould School's production of Offenbach's La belle Helene; Against the Grain Theatre's Dora Award-winning Messiah (2013 and 2015); and roles with Opera by Request in Hamlet, Werther and Adriana Lecouvreur.
Glenn Gould was a fascinating figure -- mysterious and eccentric, yet undeniably gifted, and connected to the music he played in a way unlike most musicians.
He will be Visiting Professor of Horn at the Glenn Gould School of Music and Eastman this academic year.
The name Glenn Gould comes up, and Bernstein responds: "Glenn Gould was a total neurotic mess.
The Sandy Beach Eco-Park hosts a storytelling pavilion where visitors can learn about the First Nation people who first settled the area, famous artists and composers such as the Group of Seven and Glenn Gould who drew inspiration from their time on the shores of Superior.
Ben honed his skills in New York at the prestigious Steinway Concert Basement where he tuned for stars such as Vladimir Horowitz and Glenn Gould in the 1970s.
But in 1962, critics slammed him for his words: a brief statement he made before the eccentric pianist Glenn Gould performed with the New York Philharmonic.
David Fray is known for a very distinctive playing style, which has been linked to the great Glenn Gould.
257) One of the reasons Glenn Gould stopped performing was because "He [was] convinced that audiences are in the concert hall mainly in the hope of witnessing a spectacular disaster of which the performer will be the victim.
Inspired by non-linear approaches such as that of Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould, Gibson (contemporary arts, Sydney College of the Arts) seeks to fill in gaps in knowledge about his career, relationship with a young Aboriginal woman, and the linguistic project which deeply affected his life.