gliding range

gliding distance

The maximum horizontal distance that can be reached from a given height in a normal glide. Also called a gliding range. The maximum gliding distance can be achieved only by flying at the best gliding speed and in tailwind conditions.
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Perhaps you can tack a bit north or jog a bit east--some option where you can always have an airport within gliding range, or nearly so.
But on this route, it's 68 NM from shore to shore, so assuming a (conservative) groundspeed of 130 knots, you're looking at maybe a half hour over open water, with over 10 minutes out of gliding range. This should give you pause.
Crossing from Muskegon directly toward OSH at that altitude or higher means only a few-minute-long stretch when I'd be out of gliding range from land if something happened.
If you have a plan, you can make the right move quickly and not waste gliding range while fret ting over what to do.
Don't forget that the wind can have a significant effect on your gliding range in certain directions.
If you don't have a GPS, and haven't been tracking your position so where you know where the nearest airport might be, or if that airport is beyond your available gliding range, you'll need to locate a field, parking lot, golf course or other open area to use as an emergency landing spot.