Global Network Navigator

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Global Network Navigator

(GNN) A collection of free services provided by O'Reilly & Associates.

The Whole Internet Catalog describes the most useful Net resources and services with live links to those resources. The GNN Business Pages list companies on the Internet. The Internet Help Desk provides help in starting Internetq exploration. NetNews is a weekly publication that reports on the news of the Internet, with weekly articles on Internet trends and special events, sports, weather, and comics. There are also pages aobut travel and personal finance.

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The first asked that Compaq insure that the AOL and its Global Network Navigator (GNN) service were "prominently singled out" on the desktop above other named services such as AT&T and MSN.
The note Internet Catalog The Whole Interriet Catalog, available both in print and electronically, is a subject guide to 1000 Internet resources published by Global Network Navigator (GNN) of O'Reilly and Associates.
The best way to get traffic is to have information that will be referenced by other servers, such as the popular center created by O'Reilly and Associates, Sebastapol, California (see "The Global Network Navigator" sidebar).

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