Global System for Mobile Communications

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global system for mobile communications

[¦glō·bəl ¦sis·təm fər ‚mō·bəl kə‚myü·nə′kā·shənz]

Global System for Mobile Communications

(GSM, originally "Groupe de travail Sp?ciale pour les services Mobiles") One of the major standards for digital cellular communications, in use in over 60 countries and serving over one billion subscribers. The GSM standard is currently used in the 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz bands.

GPRS allows circuit switched data communications over GSM, and is widely used for World Wide Web and electronic mail access from cellular devices.

GSM World.
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Axesstel delivers innovative fixed wireless solutions, based on Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) and 3G Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology, to leading telecommunications operators and distributors worldwide.
public switched telephone network, PSTN, Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP, multimedia messaging service, MMS, push-to-talk, Session Initiation Protocol, SIP, Global System for Mobile communications, GSM, Code Division Multiple Access, CDMA, Domain Name System, DNS, inter exchange carriers, IXCs, research, information, market, trends, technology, service, forecast, market share
According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, EDGE is an evolutionary step in the Global System for Mobile Communications, or GSM, development path for faster delivery of data up to 384 kilobits per second.
Tekelec (NASDAQ: TKLC), a leading developer of telecommunications products for next-generation fixed, mobile and packet networks, today announced a contract with Far EasTone (FET), Taiwan's second-largest mobile operator, to provide mobile number portability (MNP) for its national global system for mobile communications (GSM) digital network.

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