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Any of a class of soluble histone proteins obtained from animal hemoglobins.



the albuminous part of the complex protein hemoglobin, which includes four globin chains. Up to 30 percent of the proteinaceous nitrogen of globin is found in the diamino acids (arginine, lysine, and histidine). This is also characteristic of the histones; however, in contrast to the latter, globin contains little tyrosine. The isoelectric point of globin is 7.5; it is readily soluble in water but is precipitated by alcohol or acetone. The bond between heme and globin is stable and broken only in an acidic environment. After detachment of the heme, the protein loses its native properties. The rate of synthesis of globin in the body is very high, owing to the frequent replacement of the erythrocytes. The synthesis of globin takes place at the sites where the erythrocytes are formed; in animals having nucleated erythrocytes, globin synthesis may be observed directly in the erythrocytes of the blood. Genetically induced anomalies in globin synthesis determine some “molecular” blood diseases, such as sickle-cell anemia and Mediterranean anemia. In some cases the difference of anomalous globin consists in the replacement of just one amino acid in the polypeptide chain.


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However, recent studies on [beta]-globin gene in chimpanzees have neither provided any evidence of mutations that confer resistance to malaria nor of long-term balancing selection at the genetic loci (15) unlike humans (16,17), although in rodents a separate study has reported presence of complex signatures of selection and gene conversion in the duplicated globin genes (18).
Beta globin genindeki bozukluga, [alpha][gamma] globin genindeki bozukluklarin eslik ettigi boyle durumlarda, tipik tasiyicilikta beklenenden daha farkli sonuclar ortaya cikabilir ve tani icin genetik incelemelerin yapilmasi gerekir (6).
3 In each case, the globin defect is a quantitative reduction in the amount of globin protein produced by the defective gene, ranging from little to no protein product (designated by the symbol [[beta].
Globin chains were digested by adding 1 [micro]g of endoproteinase Glu-C (Boehringer Mannheim) or 0.
These elements were part of a section of the normal chromosome containing the globin locus control region (LCR), which has overall operational control over the expression of the gene.
In 1975, Kan discovered that alpha thalassemia, one form of the inherited blood disease, was caused by the absence of the gene for alpha globin, a major component of hemoglobin.
We would like to point out that 2 recent articles in this journal about human hemoglobin (Hb) analysis (1, 2) give the false impression that variant globin chains with <6 Da mass difference from normal cannot be detected in heterozygotes by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS).
Clinically the thalassemia syndromes are heterogeneous due to the many possible mutations affecting the human globin chain loci.
Hemoglobin H is a tetramer of beta globin chains, produced in states of very reduced or absent production of alpha globin chains.
The crystal structure of DHP has revealed that it is a globin with the same protein fold as myoglobin.
In the worst cases of Thalassemia, where a patient is diagnosed with Alpha Thalassemia Major (all four of the alpha globin genes are abnormal or missing), some patients may not survive past childhood.
Two years ago, however, a third vertebrate globin was discovered in the human brain and named neuroglobin.