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small, dark formations within light nebulas and sometimes visible against the background of the Milky Way. They were discovered by the American astronomers B. Dzh. Bock and E. F. Riley in 1947.

Globules are dense masses of gas and dust ranging in size from 0.01 to 0.5 parsecs. In compact globules the mass of the dust is usually no greater than 0.001-0.01 times the mass of the sun, but the total mass may be as high as the mass of the sun. The mass of less compact large globules may be 2 to 10 solar masses or more. The gas in a globule is compressed by the pressure of the surrounding hot gas of the nebula, but because of the low weight of globules, stars may apparently be formed from them only in exceptional cases.


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The PAHs, the carbonate globules and their associated secondary mineral phases and textures could thus be fossil remains of a past Martian biota,'' the researchers concluded.
The coloured glass globules floating around in the chemical liquid each have a gold disc engraved with a different temperature in centigrade.
We have seen a population of magnetites in the ALH84001 carbonate globules that are indistinguishable from magnetites that are formed by bacteria on Earth," says study coauthor Kathie L.
In the July 26 LANCET, his team reports that people with PCB concentrations of more than 1,050 parts per billion (ppb) in their blood's fat globules have a 4.
Invented in 1963, a decorative fixture-in many homes during the 1970s, and still in production, Lava Lite lamps are now the object of renewed curiosity Indeed, researchers have come up with a novel application of the mesmerizing movements of the lamp's globules.
Seaweed at the beaches, near Pembroke Dock, has been found covered with globules of oil, with a sheen on the rocks and a strong smell of oil in the area.
But trials bypassed them by ferrying corrective DNA in liposomes - fat globules - into patients' cells.
Contract notice: Supply of pharmaceutical packaging to pharmacy, cups, bottles, bottle galenic laboratory, beauty pots, bottles for cosmetics, tube, al band (supoforme) for casting plugs and globules etc.
When the brain is totally aware or is in full consciousness, the globules turn yellow or green.
NMR analysis indicated that moisture in the samples was mostly bound-water combined with fat globules and hydrated casein.
The printer makes use of a molecular gastronomy technique called spherification to convert liquid to gelatinous globules that resemble caviar or tapioca pearls.
You might see the infection or diseased cells as lots of tiny, black jelly globules.