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small, dark formations within light nebulas and sometimes visible against the background of the Milky Way. They were discovered by the American astronomers B. Dzh. Bock and E. F. Riley in 1947.

Globules are dense masses of gas and dust ranging in size from 0.01 to 0.5 parsecs. In compact globules the mass of the dust is usually no greater than 0.001-0.01 times the mass of the sun, but the total mass may be as high as the mass of the sun. The mass of less compact large globules may be 2 to 10 solar masses or more. The gas in a globule is compressed by the pressure of the surrounding hot gas of the nebula, but because of the low weight of globules, stars may apparently be formed from them only in exceptional cases.


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Another characteristic feature is the presence of hyaline globules (D), which can serve as a nidus for psammomatouslike calcifications (E).
Furthermore, according to their cellular characteristics, 11 oocytes substages were distinguished: 1) oogonia (Og), 2) chromatin nucleolus (Cn), 3) early perinucleolus (Pn1), 4) late perinucleolus (Pn2), 5) oil globule (Li), 6) yolk globule (yg), 7) early vitellin globule (Ev1), 8) late vitellin globule (Vo2), 9) postvitelogenic (Pvo), 10) germinal vesicle migration (Gvm), and 11) germinal vesicle breakdown (Gvb) (Fig.
Unlike the "bottlebrush" design U9ed to hone cylinders, the planar honing tool utilizes the same type of filaments with abrasive globules mounted to a disc.
The most frequent dermoscopic criteria for MIS were regression, atypical network, and irregular dots and/or globules (92.9, 85.5, and 50.2 percent, respectively).
It may show radial streaming and pseudopods or pigmented globules. These are amongst the specific guide criteria for diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions while pigmented dots, blue-white veil, blue grey areas, steel blue areas, depigmentation, negative pigment network, milia like cysts, comedo like openings, red black lagoons and maple leaf like pigmentation constitute the non-specific guide criteria.1
In the area that was cut, the appendiceal lumen was dilated and filled with numerous opaque, whitish pearl-like globules 2-3 mm in diameter (Figure 1).
"The is ENERGY STAR guaranteed, having surpassed necessities by upwards of 100%, and is one of the main led substitution globules appraised for use in completely encased spaces.
[USA], Sep 26 ( ANI ): Ladies, you may want to rethink going under the knife as according to a recent study, liposuction puts you at the risk of developing a rare genetic condition that can lead to fat globules entering their lungs.
Increase in tween 80 concentration (2:1 to 3:1) showed spontaneous and better emulsification which may be due to formation of monolayers of surfactant on the emulsion globules which increases the stability.
Sediment microscopy showing cells containing dark violet globules and granules.
after injury may lead directly to CFE from fat globules via the patent foramen ovale or pulmonary AVM.
Caption: Figure 4: Conventional B&W metallography of the EMS and ECAP samples heat treated at 584[degrees]C in which is expected to be 60% of solid fraction during 0, 30, and 90 s holding time, showing the morphology of the globules.