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Germany opposed the invasion, but Glos' visit is the latest indication that many foreign capitals are ready to strengthen ties with Iraq, where violence has fallen to a four-year low.
I expect the Commission to take appropriate account of them when working out its proposals for a third directive on the gas and electricity market," said Glos.
This would lead to unclarity and the threat of legal disputes, not only in Germany," warned Glos. According to Glos, it is the results that count, not the speed.
Together with EU ministers, Glos will get a first formal chance to comment on the Commission's plans at the Energy Council on 15 February.
Other points high on Glos's agenda include the expansion of the energy community to include Norway, Turkey, Ukraine and Moldova as well as the transfer of the principles of the EU's internal market to other neighbouring countries and regions.
Molly was in her cot at Tiddlywinks Nursery, Glos, when she got a draw-string from a bag wrapped around her neck.
GLO Science, LLC, introduces the GLO Brilliant[TM] Personal Teeth Whitening Device to radically redefine the at-home teeth whitening experience.
"The approved Sherwin-Williams Jet Glo Express gloss topcoat will now be a viable choice for repainting and maintaining these aircraft."
(8) Word-initial CC clusters of KT: [bre:] 'rice' Glo., p.