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name for a larval or wingless female fireflyfirefly
or lightning bug,
small, luminescent, carnivorous beetle of the family Lampyridae. Fireflies are well represented in temperate regions, although the majority of species are tropical and subtropical.
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Street lamps in Llandudno's Marine Drive were changed in order to help <Bboost glow worm numbers, right Google street maps
glow worms with less light are absorbed to glow worms with more light.
Pseudo code for Glow Worm Clustering Algorithm: Input: Objects (population size) to be clustered (N), the number of clusters (K) 1.
Mr Raymond investigated and sent a reply to Mrs Miller which says: "Having considered the report from Glow Worm, we are satisfied that Mr Wainwright failed to connect the NTC thermistor on the correct pipe during the replacement of the sani unit on April 3 2013, subsequently, Mr Wainwright would be found in breach of his statutory and common law duties.
It's the time when the city is littered with glow worms. So which mascots inspire Kipps' nightma, uh we mean, dreams?
Absolutely stunning pictures RE COUNCIL SWITCHES OFF STREET LIGHTS THAT WERE 'INTERFERING WITH GLOW WORM SEX JILLY WILLS: Street lights are to keep us safe!
A glow worm?" Writer Lord (Michael) Dobbs on the House of Lords.
"The grant will help improve many natural habitats too, including species such as the Durham Argos butterfly and glow worm, associated with the limestone grasslands.
The glow worm walk will be at Kenilworth Common local nature reserve on Friday, June 15, at 9.30am.
The firm supplies only the best equipment from well-known and well-respected names such as Baxi, Glow Worm and Potterton.
B*WITCHED: B*Witched (Glow Worm) C'est La Vie and Rollercoaster are classy pop anthems but the rest is more stodgy than Christmas pud.