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a city, center of Glukhov Raion, Sumy Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Connected by a railroad branch with the Briansk-Konotop-Kiev line. Population, 27,000 (1970).

Glukhov was first mentioned in historical documents in 1152. In 1708, after the destruction of Baturin, it became the residence of the Ukrainian hetmans, and in 1722 it became the seat of the Malorossiia Collegium, the administrative body for the Ukraine. In 1782 it became the main city of its district.

During 1750-80, Glukhov was given a regular plan (architect An. V. Kvasov), under which the Church of St. Nicholas was incorporated into the main square ensemble. (The church was completed in the late 17th century, and a belltower was added in 1871.) The Preobrazhenskaia Church (1765) was also added to the ensemble on the main square. At the entrance to Glukhov is a triumphal arch—the Moscow Gates, built by Kvasov during 1766-69. At the center of the city is located the Anastas’evskii Cathedral, which was built in the late 19th century in the Russo-Byzantine style. Northwest of Glukhov is the fortified Gamaleevskii Monastery (founded in 1702), with the Church of Kharlampii (built between 1702 and 1713), a cathedral with five cupolas (built after 1713 through 1735), and a house chapel (early 18th century) with the white stone funerary monuments of the hetmán I. Skoropadskii and his wife (18th century).

Glukhov has a meat combine, the Elektro-panel’ plant and assembly unit, building materials, dairy, and fruit-canning plants, as well as a textile factory and other enterprises. The city also has a pedagogical institute, the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Bast Cultivation, a technicum for irrigation and mechanization and electrification of agriculture, and a medical school.


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