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esters of glycerol and organic or mineral acids. Mono-, di-, and triglycerides are known; they contain respectively one, two, or three acid radicals in the molecule—for example,





The radicals may be identical or different. Of the glycerides based on inorganic acids, the triglyceride of nitric acid (nitroglycerin) is of practical significance. The glycerides of carboxylic acids (the higher and a few lower acyclic acids) are the main component of vegetable and animal oils and fats. Glycerides may also be synthesized—for example, monoglycerides and diglycerides can be created by the action of alkali metal salts of acyclic acids on the appropriate chlorohydrins of glycerol. Triglycerides can be created by the direct esterification of glycerol with excess acids. The saponification of fatty-acid glycerides in industry is a source of soap and glycerol.

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In order to simultaneously characterize lipids and polar metabolites with different intensity, a novel liquid-liquid extraction method was developed to extract and separate them from one micro amount of sample (100 [micro]l) and then sphingolipids was analyzed on triple quadrupole LC-MS; phosphoglycerides, glycerides and sphingomyelins were analyzed on high resolution LC-MS: and polar metabolites were determined on another triple quadrupole LC-MS.
Acrylation of castor oil glycerides (steps c-f) in Scheme 4; The four-necked reactor containing the 20 wt% solution of castor oil glycerides in xylene was equipped with stirrer, thermometer, and dropping funnel.
Transesterification of Glycerides. The experimental runs were performed using a simulating oil, having a 60% (w/w) of pure triolein; the remaining 40% of the mixture included fatty acid or mono- and diglycerides.
ID-mass spectrometry (MS) procedures permit rapid interference-free measurement of glycerides in serum.
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"It should now be possible to produce acetyl glycerides in transgenic oilseed crops or single cell production systems such as algae that are the focus of much current effort in biofuels research.
From this study, it was found that rice bran oil of Poorna brand contains 2.46 % of Diacyl glycerides (DAG) and is the highest compared to the other oils.
The Sheffield Pharma Ingredients portfolio now includes one of the industry's safest, strongest lactose excipient ranges, an innovative tabletting system, Mastertaste pharma flavours, film coating systems, and a range of NF-monographed glyceride emulsifiers.
Biodiesel, which is a term for Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME), is produced along with glycerides via transesterification from vegetable oils with sodium hydroxide and either methanol or ethanol.
MoldWiz INT-35UPC is a proprietary synergistic blend of organic fatty amides and glycerides. The product is available as a free-flowing powder or a 100% active pellet for easy incorporation.
Distilled mono glycerides in various physical forms include Pationic 900 and 901 fine beads, Pationic 909 very fine beads, and Pationic 907 semi-solids.
Apparently the polyphenols in chocolate ( known for their antioxidant properties and glycerides ( deliver moisturising lipids and fats that firm the skin.