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esters of glycerol and organic or mineral acids. Mono-, di-, and triglycerides are known; they contain respectively one, two, or three acid radicals in the molecule—for example,





The radicals may be identical or different. Of the glycerides based on inorganic acids, the triglyceride of nitric acid (nitroglycerin) is of practical significance. The glycerides of carboxylic acids (the higher and a few lower acyclic acids) are the main component of vegetable and animal oils and fats. Glycerides may also be synthesized—for example, monoglycerides and diglycerides can be created by the action of alkali metal salts of acyclic acids on the appropriate chlorohydrins of glycerol. Triglycerides can be created by the direct esterification of glycerol with excess acids. The saponification of fatty-acid glycerides in industry is a source of soap and glycerol.

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Acrylation of castor oil glycerides (steps c-f) in Scheme 4; The four-necked reactor containing the 20 wt% solution of castor oil glycerides in xylene was equipped with stirrer, thermometer, and dropping funnel.
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It should now be possible to produce acetyl glycerides in transgenic oilseed crops or single cell production systems such as algae that are the focus of much current effort in biofuels research.
It is found in natural fats and vegetable as glycerides (esters of glycerol and fatty acids), from which is obtained by saponification.
Fortunately, unlike the majority of plant oils, the extract--derived from ripe Saw Palmetto berries--has a very high content of free fatty acids (FFA) and, correspondingly, a rather low content of bound fatty acids (BFA) in the form of glycerides, along with an insignificant amount of ethyl esters.
The excipients used are mixtures of solvents, surfactants, glycerides etc.
It will measure the percentage of biodiesel in diesel fuel as well as total glycerides during the biodiesel reaction process.