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, dihydric alcohol in which the two hydroxyl groups are bonded to different carbon atoms; the general formula for a glycol is (CH2)n(OH)2.
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any of the monoethers of ethylene glycol having the general formula ROCH2CH2OH, where R represents a hydrocarbon radical.

The simplest cellosolves are colorless liquids that have a weak odor and are readily miscible with water and organic solvents. The boiling point of methyl cellosolve (R = CH3) is 124.6°C; that of ethyl cellosolve (R = C2H5) is 135.1°C; and that of butyl cello-solve (R = C4H9) is 171.1°C. Like alcohols, cellosolves form a number of derivatives, including alcoholates (such as CH3OCH2CH2ONa) and esters (such as ethyl cellosolve acetate, C2H5OCH2CH2OCOCH3, which has a boiling point of 156.4°C).

Cellosolves are produced by the reaction of ethylene oxide with the corresponding alcohols. They are used as solvents of esters of cellulose (mainly cellulose nitrates and acetyl cellulose) in the manufacture of movie and photographic film, paint, varnish, and lacquers. The cellosolves of some higher alcohols (from C10 to C20) are used in the production of surfactants.

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(organic chemistry)
C2H5OCH2CH2OH An important industrial chemical used in varnish removers, in cleaning solutions, and as a solvent for paints, varnishes, and plastics. Also known as 2-ethoxyethanol.
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And, in 1988, a University of California study indicated that exposure to glycol ethers could triple the risk of miscarriage.
Glycol ethers - (Category Code N230) Includes mono-and di-ethers of ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol and triethylene glycol.(1.0) R - ([OCH.sub.2.CH.sub.2])[eta]-OR Where [eta]=1, 2 or 3 R = alkyl or argyl groups R' = R, H or groups which, when removed yield glycol ethers with the structure R - ([OCH.sub.2.CH.sub.2])[eta] - OH Polymers are excluded from this category
The phthalates, fragrances, glycol ethers, and antimicrobials have also been implicated in the frequency and severity of asthma attacks (Anderson et al.
The application segment of the market is categorized into butyl acrylate, glycol ether, butyl acetate, direct solvents, plasticizers, and others.
Formula Corp, located in Auburn, Washington, failed to report on time for releases of glycol ethers at its facility during calendar year 2009 and will pay a $3,800 penalty.
Initially, the Ras Tanura complex will include units for polyethylene, ethylene oxide and glycol, propylene oxide and glycol, chlor-alkali, vinyl chloride monomer, polyurethane components, epoxy resins, polycarbonate, amines, and glycol ethers. It is projected to be "one of the largest grassroots plastics and chemicals production facilities in the world," says Dow, adding that it is "ideally positioned to serve major world markets."
Some water-based inks used in package printing contain glycol ethers and considerable levels of residual monomers.
Sensiva SC 50 is a clear, colorless liquid that is only partly soluble in water (0.2%), but it is soluble in fats and organic solvents such as alcohols, glycols and glycol ethers. It has fairly good antimicrobial activity against gram positive bacteria but is not effective against gram negative bacteria and fungi.
The chemicals, called glycol ethers, were phased out in 1992.
Imperial Chemical Industries PLC (ICI) of London and Union Carbide (UCC) announced that UCC has completed the purchase of certain ICI ethylene oxide derivatives businesses, including its ethylene glycol, glycol ethers and acetates, ethanolamines and brake fluids businesses.