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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Elementals are often associated with the four "corners" of the ritual Circle; east, south, west, and north. This is so both in Ceremonial Magic and in Witchcraft. Gnomes are the ones associated with the north and with the element of earth. The word gnome comes from the Latin gnoma, meaning "knowledge," suggesting gnomes as "the knowing ones."

Many Witches and Pagans believe that they can project a thought form of a gnome as an aid to doing work, such as healing, at a distance.

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What truly sets Happy Gnome apart from other card sets and cannabis collectibles on the market is its "cannabis-infused" scent feature.
We had nearly 100 gnomes of all sizes donated by children, the public and our members.
It was followed by a swift and passionate reaction from people who have visited the railway over the years expressing anger over the attack and offering to donate gnomes.
We've been open for years but I think gnomes in the Holme Valley are well loved because we have only one other gnome, plus a Buddha who was given to us because the owner went to live in Cyprus.
Gnome-hater Chris Herbert, 41, of Tonbridge, Kent, said: "I find gnomes creepy .
30am on June 2 after Marcela Telehanicova found the gnomes, including a formation 30 rows deep and three abreast.
A poster board showing where the gnomes went was created and placed in the teen area.
When I first worked on telly, one of my earliest assignments was to cover a story about protests against a factory that produced naughty gnomes.
One Frankfurt Market stallholder was making a mint through his twisted take on innocent garden gnomes.
Sherlock Gnomes has been announced by Rocket Pictures, and will see screenwriters Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil return to the format, whilst Sir Elton John will compose new songs for its soundtrack.
This year, I was looking for something new to do with my students, and my daughter suggested garden gnomes.