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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Elementals are often associated with the four "corners" of the ritual Circle; east, south, west, and north. This is so both in Ceremonial Magic and in Witchcraft. Gnomes are the ones associated with the north and with the element of earth. The word gnome comes from the Latin gnoma, meaning "knowledge," suggesting gnomes as "the knowing ones."

Many Witches and Pagans believe that they can project a thought form of a gnome as an aid to doing work, such as healing, at a distance.

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He said: "Other people have joined the crusade and added their gnomes.
The Gnomes and the displays will be taking place at regular intervals throughout the Easter weekend.
Anyone with information or enquiring how to get gnomes post coded can contact 0845 5000 113
VISITORS to the North Devon Gnome Reserve (0870 845 9012) are loaned hats and fishing rods so they don't embarrass the 1,000-plus resident gnomes.
But might not most people require a little encouragement to adopt a gnome, like free entry to the park
Sir Elton reportedly turned down the honour of having one of the gnomes modelled on him because he did not like its hair, rotund curves or its habit of spending a fortune on flowers.
5 -- 6 -- color) Giant gnomes such as this design by Rien Poortvliet, above, are sure to protect the garden from trolls, $245 at City Green, Westfield Shoppingtown Promenade mall in Woodland Hills.
The gnomes were taken from addresses in Aberdeenshire between Wednesday, April 2 and Thursday, April 3.
After arriving, I immediately felt I was home sweet gnome and the whole event turned into a pixie's paradise.
MAKE gnome mistake - this week's competition prize is an absolute cracker
Gnome collector David Haman, 71, said he has lost count of how many gnomes live in his garden in Fochriw, near Merthyr Tydfil.
Mind you, I did have to move Eric the garden gnome from our front window after complaints.