Go around

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“Go around”

An instruction for a pilot to abandon the approach for landing and to climb away for a visual circuit pattern, or carry out a missed approach procedure, as appropriate. Additional instructions may follow. Unless other-wise advised by air traffic control (ATC), a VFR (visual flight rules) aircraft, or an aircraft conducting a visual approach, should overfly the runway while climbing to the traffic-pattern altitude and enter the traffic pattern via the crosswind leg. A pilot on an IFR (instrument flight rules) flight plan making an instrument approach should execute the published missed approach procedure or proceed as instructed by ATC (e.g., “Go around” [additional instructions if required]). Also called “Go overshoot.” See also aborted landing.
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Rufino Sescon, who was also present during Monday's regular press briefing for the papal visit, said the pope specifically requested to go around Luneta and meet the people before he celebrates Mass.
I like to get the mixture full rich or as applicable for the altitude before final approach, so there's one less (very critical) thing to do if I have to go around.
You know, there's just never enough money to go around.
Precession is a motion of the orbit as a whole: Not only does Mercury go around the orbit; at the same time the orbit itself swings around like the hand of a clock.
One of the first things student pilots learn--right about the time they're learning to land--is how to go around.
There's a reason why people like to watch cars go around in circles.
As a result, once we firmly accept that from time to time we're going to make runway arrivals of the sort to make cement contractors rub their hands in financial glee, we are going to be less likely to try to force the airplane onto the ground due to embarrassment after we have bounced telephone pole high, and more likely to think rationally about the attitude, speed and altitude of the airplane and proceed to coolly evaluate whether to try to salvage the landing or go around.
But remember your freeway etiquette, keep that middle finger in the locked and downright position, and just go around slower drivers instead of tailgating and obnoxiously flashing your high beams.
Recently, I encountered some unexpected but nonetheless insane wind shear while trying to land at my home airport, and had no choice but to go around.
I can't go around thinking I can't show them big-time football and go around being an arrogant guy.
And when a driver just stops in front of us, we can't just go around.