Go around

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“Go around”

An instruction for a pilot to abandon the approach for landing and to climb away for a visual circuit pattern, or carry out a missed approach procedure, as appropriate. Additional instructions may follow. Unless other-wise advised by air traffic control (ATC), a VFR (visual flight rules) aircraft, or an aircraft conducting a visual approach, should overfly the runway while climbing to the traffic-pattern altitude and enter the traffic pattern via the crosswind leg. A pilot on an IFR (instrument flight rules) flight plan making an instrument approach should execute the published missed approach procedure or proceed as instructed by ATC (e.g., “Go around” [additional instructions if required]). Also called “Go overshoot.” See also aborted landing.
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They were then sponsored to go around the school playground 10 or more times.
AFTER THE OUTLOOK go around was completed, the Chairman turned to another topic, the meaning of the FOMC's price stability objective.
We were able to buy about $1,000 worth of stuff for his battalion, I hope that there will be enough to go around so that everyone can enjoy it.
Captain Owen Evers, a consultant for the airline, was asked during a cross-examination, had he been in the cockpit as an observer at what height would he have recommended the pilot go around and attempt a second landing.
We are very disappointed to see Bush catering to the extraordinary hypocrisy of the antimarriage groups, which call themselves pro-family and then go around encouraging discrimination against gay and lesbian families.
Brown doubts that explanation, since there seem to be plenty of bugs to go around, she says.
When asked why such a situation has occurred, 63 percent of the cops questioned replied that "even if we go around asking, people tend not to notice anything about their own neighbors anymore.
Beginning with A minor, go around the circle again, recognizing a different melody contained within the scale, Using the natural form.
IT seems sad that with all the computer games and advantages that youth have today, that they feel the need to go around killing innocent animals for pleasure.
That means less money to go around for the country and less revenue for the Mint, which charges the Federal Reserve 25 cents for a quarter that costs 4.
You don't go around looking for entertainment when a great man dies.