galega officinalis

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goat's rue

goat's rue

A wild legume used historically to treat the plague.The root is the strongest medicinal part. It was also used to induce sweating to break fevers and to treat infections, snakebite and expel parasitic worms. Helps balance blood sugar levels and balance female hormones. Also used for rheumatism, bladder problems, impotency, coughs, menstrual irregularities, diabetes, alzheimer”s, cancer. The plant has no odor, but if the stem or leaf is broken, it releases a foul smelling stench. 1-2 feet tall (60cm), covered in silky silver hairs. Pea-like flowers yellow on top, pink below. Pleasant aroma. Considered an aphrodisiac by indians. Goat’s Rue is a nitrogen fixer, it supplies nitrogen back to the soil for other plants. Root contains Rotenone, an effective insecticide against flying insects, but relatively harmless to other animals. Root tea used to make men muscular, strong and verile. Bodybuilder.