God's Acre

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God’s Acre

Moravian graveyard in Winston-Salem, N.C., with 3,000 identical marble markers. [Am. Hist.: Collier’s, XIX, 471]
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The God's Acre project is an organisation which promotes the management of churchyards in ways that are sympathetic to the natural habitat and ecology of native plants and animals.
Pladurwyr mewn mynwent eglwys - maen nhw'n dal i fedru siarad a'i gilydd Llun gan Caring For God's Acre
The restoration has caused the thoughtless to think and driven idle loungers, who were wont to make its God's acre a playground, elsewhere.
The Diocese of Hereford has a scheme called Caring for God's Acre, which has been very successful and illustrates that it is possible to both protect and enhance the wildlife without taking anything away from the primary function.