God's Acre

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God’s Acre

Moravian graveyard in Winston-Salem, N.C., with 3,000 identical marble markers. [Am. Hist.: Collier’s, XIX, 471]
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The God's Acre project is an organisation which promotes the management of churchyards in ways that are sympathetic to the natural habitat and ecology of native plants and animals.
"Hopefully there will be no injuries!" said Andrea Gilpin, of the Caring for God's Acre (CGA) charity.
They include the two visited Friday -- Kettle Brook Conservation Area and Parson's Cider Mill Conservation Area; as well as Cascade Park and Conservation Area, Perkins Farm Conservation Area, the Blackstone River Bikeway, Green Hill Park, Cristoforo Colombo Park (and the East Side Trail that connects Green Hill Park and Cristoforo Colombo Park), God's Acre Conservation Area, Bovenzi Park, Crow Hill Conservation Area, Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Tetasset Hills Trail.
The quiet serenity of Byrd and Tallis was broken only by high-pitched screams and laughter from somewhere on God's Acre. After the interval, I ought to add, the noise subsided and the Elizabethan composers had the stage to themselves.
"The restoration has caused the thoughtless to think and driven idle loungers, who were wont to make its God's acre a playground, elsewhere."
Wales needs its own Caring for God's Acre organisation: a single, nationally funded body which acts as a link between all the stakeholders, capable of advising, disseminating information, assisting with fund raising, and helping with conservation work.