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A second facility in Goderich, the mechanical evaporation salt plant, is undergoing repairs, and the company plans to restart limited packaging operations in about three weeks.
In addition to its Goderich mine, the company has a mine in Cote Blanche, Louisiana.
There was no damage to the underground operations of the Goderich salt mine and there are no miners currently underground.
At present, Compass Minerals has the ability to generate around 14 million tons of rock salt each year at its three underground mines located in Goderich, Ontario; Cote Blanche, Louisiana; and Cheshire, U.
The Goderich group also spent time laying the concrete floor for two new classrooms in a remote mountain village.
Together, we have developed a public-private vision to bring new businesses, jobs and opportunities to the Goderich community while providing Sifto with additional storage capacity, particularly during the winter months," explained Rowland Howe, director of corporate engineering, strategic projects and Canada country executive for Compass Minerals.
Jo-Anne Homan whose family has longstanding linkages to the Goderich harbour.
Operating the world's largest rock salt mine in Goderich, Ontario, Sifto is also Canada's leading provider and marketer of highway and consumer deicing salt.
A tentative deal between Compass Minerals and the local Communications, Energy and Paperworks union is on its way to Goderich for consideration.
Too late for this issue came news of a creative project in Knox Church, Goderich, Ontario, in which a parish nurse is sponsored jointly by the church and the Victorian Order of Nurses.
HCG), a $700 million producer of inorganic chemicals and extractive minerals headquartered here, today announced it has set aside $12 million for a capital project to increase production capacity at the Goderich, Canada salt mine of its North American Salt Company (NAMSCO).
Twenty Two Degree Wind Energy, a 150-MW project located south of Goderich, and Arran Wind Energy, a 115-MW project located east of Port Elgin, are ranked among the top 700 MW of renewable energy in first-round FIT applications from the shoreline that were held awaiting approval of the Bruce to Milton transmission line.