Greenland: see QeqertarsuaqQeqertarsuaq
, formerly Godhavn
, town (1996 pop. 1,095), Qeqertarsuaq dist., W Greenland, on Disko Island; founded in 1773. A fishing base and former whaling base, it has a geophysical observatory and an arctic research station (established 1906 by the Univ. of Copenhagen).
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As the Gulnare continued to Godhavn (Qeqertarsuaq), Greenland, the full extent of the ship's shortcomings was exposed (Fig.
After what Pavy characterized as a "long bitter battle," he persuaded the departing Doane to leave him, along with another volunteer, Henry "Harry" Clay (grandson of the famous Kentucky statesman of the same name), at the tiny settlement of Rittenbenk, on the far end Disko Island, 45 miles from Godhavn, with all the provisions Doane could supply (Doane, 1881:80) (Fig.
Erling was raised in and around Qeqertarsuaq (formerly Godhavn, 69[degrees] N) on Disko Island, Greenland, where his father, Morten--an eminent and internationally known Danish botanist himself--ran the first permanent Arctic research station.
Thus in December 1849, Captain Sir John Ross wrote: "The expedition should first touch at Lupley [sic; Lievely, Godhavn or Qeqertarsuaq] and there procure two Danish interpreters .
After contracting of projects to the contract shall be divided between Trondheim (public part) and Godhavn Development AS (private part) Division of contract depends on the existence of a development agreement between Godhavn Development AS and Trondheim for a construction model at the time of entering into the contract.
Thus the settlement that McGoogan identifies as Lievely, on Disko [slash], also then known as Godhavn, is now Qeqertarssuaq; Fiskerenaes (properly Fiskenaeset) should be rendered as Qeqertarsuatsiat; Sukkertoppen as Maniitsoq, and Pr[slash]ven as Kangersutsiaq.
In 1947, he and his new bride, Birte Kold-Christensen, went to Godhavn (now Qeqertarsuaq) on Disko Island, Greenland, where N.
The Peary arrived in Godhavn [Qeqertarsuaq], Greenland, ahead of the Bowdoin, to face new obstacles.
I express my gratitude to the institution of the Arctic Station located near the town of Godhavn on Disko Island, which provided a base for the part of the work done in the Disko Bay and boat transportation between the Arctic Station and the two sites of Nordfjord and Illutalik.
En undersogelse af sammenhaengene mellem fangst og lonarbejde i Godhavn, 1976 & 1977.