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Greenland: see NuukNuuk
, formerly Godthåb
, town (1996 pop. 12,882), Nuuk dist., W Greenland, on the Godthåbfjord. The largest town and capital of Greenland, it is the seat of the national council and of the supreme court, and it has foreign consulates.
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Forced to winter at Godthab (Nuuk), Nansen there studied Eskimo culture, later writing Eskimoliv (1891; Eskimo Life).
The consequences included establishment of a tuberculosis treatment facility in Godthab (the largest town and capital, later renamed to Nuuk; see Figs.
These were the Greenlanders Christian, hired at Godthab (now Nuuk), and Samuel, from Upernavik, who took part in McClintock's expedition in Fox in 1857-59 (McClintock, 1859).
With the permission of the Danish government, Egede founded a trading station and Lutheran mission at Godthab (presentday Nuuk).
I literally jumped on board the old ship Godthab, which for four weeks thumped across the Atlantic with sails and steam through storms, and struggled through the ice.
Chapters 2 and 3 summarize the Godthab District archaeological data that lie at the heart of this research, drawing upon ethnographic sources for comparisons and elucidation.