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However, Godunov [33] proved that linear unbounded high-order schemes are not mathematically monotonic as compared to 1st-order upwind scheme, allowing unphysical oscillations under some circumstances.
In the second approach, problem (1) is reduced to the system of linear algebraic equations which is solved using the Tikhonov regularization and Godunov approach.
The author draws attention to the fluctuations in numbers of d'iaki during the tenures of Boris Godunov, the First False Dmitrii, Vasilii Shuiskii, the Second False Dmitrii, Sigismund, and the two national levies.
His beautifully textured, dark-hued voice encompassed a wide vocal range, from the depths of Boris Godunov to the baritone role of Amonasro in Verdi's "Aida" (the role of his 1951 Metropolitan Opera debut).
With an eclectic mix of instrumental pieces and songs, Swan Song will see RSC musicians and actor Forbes Masson performing extracts from some of Michael Boyd's best loved productions, including Much Ado About Nothing, The Histories and Boris Godunov.
Dans le cadre de [beaucoup moins que]La saison Russe en France[beaucoup plus grand que], il vient de diriger Boris Godunov en version concert a l'Unesco en juin 2010.
The first half finished with the exciting Coronation Scene From Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky.
Among her most tormented lovers was former ballet star Alexander Godunov, who became a successful actor with films that included 'Witness' and 'Die Hard'.
Famed Russian dancer Alexander Godunov was performing at the Wang Center.
The Church's ability to play a central role in the process of legitimation was a function of two factors: the structural position of the Church in the hierarchy of the Orthodox church-state that Muscovy had become, and the accession of Boris Godunov to the throne, a development that contradicted the principle of heredity that had formerly governed the succession and thereby created a need for a new notion of legitimation.