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1. a geographical point, such as a town, city, etc.
a. an open square lined with houses of a similar type in a city or town
b. (capital when part of a street name): Grosvenor Place
3. Maths the relative position of a digit in a number
4. Horse racing
a. Brit the first, second, or third position at the finish
b. US and Canadian the first or usually the second position at the finish
c. (as modifier): a place bet
5. Theatre one of the three unities
6. another place Brit Parliamentary procedure
a. (in the House of Commons) the House of Lords
b. (in the House of Lords) the House of Commons
7. the other place Facetious
a. (at Oxford University) Cambridge University
b. (at Cambridge University) Oxford University
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A position corresponding to a given power of the base in positional notation. Also known as column.
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Programming Language for Automatic Checkout Equipment.

["The Compiler for the Programming Language for Automatic Checkout Equipment (PLACE)", AFAPL TR-68-27, Battelle Inst, Columbus, May 1968].
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A function in PageMaker and other applications that allows a selection of different types of text and graphics files to be inserted within the current document. Place is similar to the Import function in other programs, but may provide additional capabilities. For example, it may be able to maintain a link to a "placed" file rather than embedding it within the document. See import.
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Besides sharing his thoughts in the Going Places magazine on Malaysia Airlines, Dr Mahathir also weighed in on the local tourism industry and how Malaysians could do better to draw in tourists.
All proceeds from the event will benefit Going Places, which will use the funds to purchase bikes for all 425 disadvantaged kids who attend Sanders-Clyde Elementary School.
He's got good pace is intelligent and I think he is going places.
Going Places is the story of high schooler Hudson Wheeler.
Qatar Airways launched on 9 th December its new global brand campaign and tagline -- Going Places Together -- at a press conference in New York, USA.
The impact of Girls Going Places in Minneapolis has expanded significantly over the past four years, more than tripling the number of schools and girls participating in the program.
If Everton are going places, one man who will lead them there is Nikica Jelavic and Reid is a huge admirer of the Croatian.
"This season they will really shine and I really think Villa is going places." or visit your nearest Thomas Cook, The Co-operative Travel or Going Places. Water-way to spend a package holiday So if a life on the open water is beckoning, look no further than the Thomas Cook's round up of top sailing trips and cheap holidays.
ALAN Curbishley is attracted to Wolves as they are 'a club going places', according to his agent Phil Smith.
Travel company Going Places wooed would-be travellers with pounds 200 discounts on holidays with Airtours.
The Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University celebrates that vision with a new exhibit called "Going Places in Michigan: Leonard Refineries and Michigan Tourism."