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(əmrôz`) or


(ēm`brŏs), island (1990 pop. 7,948), 108 sq mi (280 sq km), NW Turkey, in the Aegean Sea, near the entrance to the Dardanelles. Grain and beans are grown there. The majority of the population is Greek.
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It was also close to the Turkish island of Gokceada and the Greek island of Lemnos.
The findings demonstrate that body condition score is a good indicator of changes in body weights in Kivircik, Sakiz and Gokceada indigenous sheep breeds and will assist sheep breeders with regard to the feeding program to be applied particularly before the breeding season.
Key words: Body condition score, body weight, Kivircik, Sakiz, Gokceada.
The present study was conducted in order to compare the relationship between BW and BCS in Kivircik, Sakiz and Gokceada sheep breeds for breeding, lambing, and weaning period.
The animal material of the study comprises a total of 156 indigenous sheep breeds made up of 60 Kivircik, 53 Sakiz and 43 Gokceada breeds and ages of ewes between 2 to 6 years old.
It is clear that the body weight of Kivircik ewes were heavier than Gokceada and Sakiz ewes in breeding, lambing and weaning periods.
The average minimum BCS was observed in Gokceada ewes for all physiological periods.
Calca sad applications of Tarakli (Sakarya), Gokceada (Canakkale), Yenipazar(Aydin) to join network of Cittaslow were accepted, adding they got their certificates at the General Assembly of Cittaslow in Warsaw, Poland.
The Turkish navy vessel TCG Gokceada has been commissioned by the Turkish Chiefs of Staff to monitor the drillship West Capella that arrived in Cyprus' exclusive economic zone in the early hours of Wednesday, the website of the Turkish armed forces general staff said on Thursday.
Meanwhile, another sister-city agreement is expected to be signed between Gokceada in the northwestern Turkey and the French island of Oleron.
According to popular daily Kibris, the Turkish navy also sent its frigate TCG Gokceada and submarine TCG Canakkale to Kyrenia.