Gold Alloys

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Gold Alloys


alloys whose main component is gold (Au).

The alloying of gold with other metals (alloying elements) has the purpose both of increasing strength and hardness and of economizing in gold. Binary gold alloys have been studied in the greatest detail. Gold-silver alloys are continuous solid solutions. At 20–40 percent silver these alloys are greenish-yellow; at 50 percent silver, pale yellow. All are soft and malleable, and their melting points increase with an increase in the gold content. Gold-copper alloys (which also form continuous solid solutions) are reddish-yellow. They are less malleable than pure gold but harder and more elastic. Annealing (below 425°–450°C) makes alloys of composition close to CuAu hard and brittle; quenching imparts softness and plasticity. Gold has been alloyed also with platinum and palladium. Gold yields intermetallic compounds (so-called aurides) with many metals. Small admixtures of antimony, bismuth, and lead make gold brittle. Gold-mercury alloys (amalgams) are used in gilding metal articles. Gold alloys are used to make coins, articles of jewelry, dental prostheses (gold-copper alloys), and electrical contacts in instruments with critical functions (gold alloys of platinum and silver). The gold content of gold alloys is expressed as purity.


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Gold alloys are used in restorative dentistry, especially in tooth restorations, such as crowns and permanent bridges.
For example, fundamental-mode (1064 nm) pulsed Nd:YAG lasers interact well with non-copper metals (iron, cold-rolled steel, nickel-plating, some aluminums, etc.), but fails to work consistently well with "red metals" such as copper or gold alloys.
In fact, I thought it looked a bit tacky with its 17-inch gold alloy wheels.
Laser welding is suitable to weld titanium and its alloys because they have higher rates of laser beam absorption and lower thermal conductivity than other dental casting alloys, such as gold alloys; however, due to the strong reactivity of molten titanium with oxygen, the incorporation of oxygen during laser welding may affect the joint strength.
Corrosion of dental copper, nickel and gold alloys in artificial saliva and saline solutions.
Because the device was implanted in Karen's cranium, the materials used, ceramics and titanium nickel or gold alloys, had to be biocompatible.
Building upon MKS's long standing and well reputed base, Pamp's gold alloys and 9999 gold products now dominate the highly competitive Middle East gold market and the company has made significant inroads into those markets of Europe, North America and the Far East.