Golden Bough, The

Golden Bough, The:

see Frazer, Sir James GeorgeFrazer, Sir James George,
1854–1941, Scottish classicist and anthropologist, b. Glasgow, educated at the universities of Glasgow and Cambridge. He is known especially for his masterpiece, The Golden Bough,
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Two months after Lawrence, in Fantasia of the Unconscious, announces his admiration for The Golden Bough, the power and sound of water in the deep ravines described in The Captain's Doll continue to echo the Norse mythology: "Who would have thought that the soft sky of light--and the soft foam of water could thrust and penetrate into the dark strong earth?" (129).
For instance, from the many contributions since the publication of Sir James Fraser's The Golden Bough, the first edition of which appeared in 1890, one can retrieve a stellar list of authors whose works have had enormous implications for literature.
British anthropologist, folklorist, and classical scholar, best remembered as the author of Golden Bough, The.
As DeLacy O'Leary pointed out in Arabia Before Muhammad, "The majority of the present Palestinian peasants are descendants of those who preceded the Israelites."(8) In The Golden Bough, the British anthropologist Sir James Frazer (1854-1941) stressed that, "the Arabic-speaking peasants of Palestine are the progeny of the tribes which settled in the country before the Israelite invasion.
In Germany, says Frazer in The Golden Bough, the oldest sanctuaries were natural woods.