Golden Rectangle

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Golden Rectangle:

see Golden SectionGolden Section,
in mathematics, division of a line segment into two segments such that the ratio of the original segment to the larger division is equal to the ratio of the larger division to the smaller division.
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golden rectangle

[‚göl·dən ′rek‚taŋ·gəl]
A rectangle that can be divided into a square and another rectangle similar to itself; its sides have the ratio (1+√5)/2.
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The golden rectangle represents the hood interior profile.
More recently, Boselie (1992) found no greater preference for the golden rectangle than for the 1.5:1 rectangle in his study, concluding that the golden section has no special perceptual aesthetic attraction (see also Godkewitsch, 1974).
The Spanish-style house had a courtyard whose boundaries came close to a golden rectangle. "I reinforced it," Sullivan says.
To accomplish this, he turned the main lawn area into a golden rectangle and sank it in to help isolate it from the out-of-place pool.
Eight-foot posts created a vertical golden rectangle on the long sides.
First, she determines the available space and forms a golden rectangle. She cuts a square out of it and draws the radius in it.
* The west facade of the Parthenon at Athens, built in the 5th Century B.C., was designed within the confines of a golden rectangle. When its triangular pediment was still in place, its height was 0.618 of its width.
If you were to draw a box around the whole thing, it would form a golden rectangle.
Use the Fibonacci numbers to create golden rectangles with brick bands in a concrete deck or the weave of a trellis.
Keen students constructing the golden rectangle will notice how the construction may be iterated.
Golden rectangles on a bright red ground (representing the display of pictures) on corridor walls are seen from the outside through a veil of outward-facing mirror strips applied to a clear-glazed elevational skin.

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