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Goldmark, Peter Carl,

1906–77, Hungarian-American engineer, b. Budapest. He studied at the Univ. of Vienna (B.S., 1929, Ph.D., 1931); worked for a radio company in England (1931–33). After emigrating to the United States (1933), he worked as a construction engineer until joining the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) in 1936. There he developed the first commercial color television system, which used a rotating three-color disk. Although initially approved by the Federal Communications Commission, it was later superseded by an all-electronic color system that was compatible with black-and-white sets. Goldmark developed the 33 1-3 LP phonograph that greatly increased the playing time of records. He also developed a scanning system used by the Lunar Orbiter spacecraft in 1966 to transmit photographs to the earth from the moon.


See his autobiography (1973).

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As discussed in chapter 2, Goldmark also perceived himself as a German liberal and, like Hanslick, did not view his Jewishness as the "overriding aspect of his social identity" (p.
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Providing context, Pamela notes that the 1948 Carnegie Foundation Brown Report reiterated many of the higher educational recommendations of the Goldmark Report and can be viewed as a foundation for both Educating Nurses and the 2010 IOM report.
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Goldmark suffered from neurasthenia, a psychological disorder whose symptoms include chronic fatigue, loss of memory and aches.
It was fascinating to find out more about Copland who, as a young man, studied in Manhattan with Rubin Goldmark who also taught George Gershwin.
He first charts the myth in literature and music before the Romantic period, then analyzes Beethoven's Ballet d'action; settings of Goethe's Transgressive Ode by Reichardt, Schubert, and Wolf; use of the myth by Liszt and French composers; Parry's Scenes from Shelley's Prometheus Unbound; and concert overtures by Bargiel and Goldmark.