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, caddy
Golf an attendant who carries clubs, etc., for a player


(computer science)
In certain types of disk drives, a plastic tray in which a CD-ROM disk is placed before loading.


A plastic container that holds a CD or DVD disc for added protection. The bare disc is placed in the caddy, and the caddy is inserted into the drive. A caddy is not a jewel case. A jewel case protects the disc for transportation. A caddy protects the disc while reading and writing. See HDD cradle.

Caddy Load
Earlier drives always used a caddy. Today, some drives still require one for added protection.

DVD-RAMs use a Caddy
For writing, DVD-RAM drives require the disk to be placed into a caddy. The drives support both caddy and caddyless media, and for reading, the bare disks can be used. (Image courtesy of Panasonic Industrial Company.)
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The North Club, where he was a claunch a John Parr Cup iLike Pte Parr, Georgis raising funds utside the hero's Middlesex Golf caddy, plans to in his memory.
He writes: "I am not prepared to accept the claims of Peter Foggo and Jimmy Lackenby that a golf caddy can be described as a sportsman.
Which TV personality has finally fulfilled his promise of giving his teenage golf caddy a pounds 10,000 diamond?
The social and technological displacement of the pin-boy occurred more rapidly than that of the golf caddy, particularly in urban centres.
The film star rapper plays a wise golf caddy in the film, which is being directed by Robert Redford and co-stars Matt Damon as a championship golfer.
For that book Donegan became a professional golf caddy for Ross Drummond, then the world's 438th best golfer
Since then, she has played host to a Serbian who had never seen a lawnmower in his life, a Thai woman who spent each night of her vacation making snowmen and a golf caddy who had lost his Bosnian girlfriend.
Meanwhile, the GPS cycle computer and golf caddy markets continue to show growth with a huge untouched installed base to address.
Others holding extra jobs while working for Kent Police include a detective inspector who is a golf caddy and a sergeant who runs a candlemaking firm.
Gladiator GarageWorks has outfitted the Hernandez's garage with a Golf Caddy, lockers, maple-top Modular Gearboxes and a Chillerator refrigerator, in addition to Gladiator brand wall hooks, bins, baskets and rugged tile flooring.
LEGENDARY Scottish golf caddy Willie Aitchison has branded Colin Montgomerie "the worst" to work with.
LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON Budding golf caddy Chris Simmons (right) with his father John, a former caddy